Tank Fills

Have your Own Scuba Tank?

Don't we can fill it up for you too! **


Tank Fills

Air Fill (up to 149 CF tank) $10.00
Nitrox Fill (up to 40% 02, up to 149 CF tank) $17.50
Nitrox fill (over 40% – includes O2 cylinders) $0.75/cf (max. of 2400 psi)
Air Fill – 30 Fill Air Card $210.00
Air Fill – 10 Fill Air Card $80.00


**The following policies apply to all tank fills:

  • Cylinders are filled at 300-600 PSIG per minute to service pressure
  • Cylinders must have valid hydrostatic test and formal visual inspection with visual plus
  • Only DOT, DOT/CTC, TC cylinders will be filled
  • Cylinders will not be over-pressurized

Cylinders will not be filled if:

  • Shoulder codes cannot be read
  • Valve has no pressure relief device or non multiport burst disk
  • Dents, bulges, line corrosion, pits or heat discoloration is present
  • Cylinder has known or suspected history of over-pressurization